Start me up

Recently, we had a chance to work with many entrepreneur companies. Whether they grow a new brand or service they all need to promote their business. They need an idea of how to position themselves on the market. Most of them check the competition and think that they easily can be better than that. They try to create some promo materials on their own, and the feedback they get is average or maybe poor. Why is that?

You are a Client and you started your brand. You don’t have a huge budget and don’t have anyone to invest their money in you. You invest your own money and you can’t overstep it in any way. Big respect for that! You have heard all dreadful stories about the advertising agencies and thousands of dollars for something that looks like your kid did it. That is why you decided to work on everything by yourself – to save your money. But that is not a good enough reason and your mistakes will cost you more than you planned.

You can’t do everything on your own and accomplish the best quality. To be that good, you need to be a Superhero, and still, you won’t have enough time. What you can do?

Instead of torture yourself or go to an expensive advertising agency, you can find a small design studio, also an entrepreneur like yourself. You can introduce your business and explain to them where you wanna be in a year or two. If you get each other, you will know it. You can grow together and they will follow your rhythm perfectly. If you don’t get each other, you will be aware of that too. It’s like a bad date.

So, do your homework and search for people like you – they are good at their job and they do it from the heart. Money is just a bonus for all the hard work.

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