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Do you love your job?

I know, it’s a very common question and the internet is full of articles about this issue… But, really, do you love what you do, or you are daydreaming about some beach during the working hours? You will be surprised by how many people does that.

Just to explain why I’m writing about this – I’ve been working for 18 years in various advertising agencies. As I started just a few days after I finish the Academy of Applied Arts, I was lucky to find a job right away. My plan was to work for 10 years, get as much experience as I can with different clients and industries. It’s ridiculous to have a plan and living in Serbia, so my 10-year plan becomes an 18-year plan. It was quite a journey, I can tell you. In the end, I found myself still loving the job but not the people. So, I ask myself what do I need to sacrifice – my patience and health or my job? There must be another way…

To be able to create and work every day, you need some proper environment. When I said environment, I don’t mean just an office, but also the people, creative process and time for creative incubation. I must admit, for the 18 years, I never had these last two. It became stressful and I needed to find where the stress was coming from?

I realize I’m working all the time but not creating anything worth that time. Even if I create something that I like, account dismiss it and it never comes to the client’s table. The pay was always fine, but there is something that you can’t pay with any money. Fulfillment and Satisfaction of creating something and enjoy it along the way.

A year ago, I quit my job at the advertising agency and started my own design studio. I’ve decided that if I’m going to love this job in many years to come, I need to find a different way to work and create. I need to be more satisfied not only with the results but with a process too. And I am.

So, once again – do you love your job? If you do – Great! Keep it and enjoy every moment of it. But if you don’t, you need to find your way out. No matter how much money you earn it will destroy you. I know you are the happiest person on Friday, but on Monday morning you are probably close to a heart attack. Don’t wait too long, because it can cost you your mental and physical health. If you are going to repeat to yourself “I CAN do it!” you better repeat it for something that makes you happy and accomplished in the end.

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