New Year’s resolutions

Holidays are over and it’s time to start a new business year. We are all a little bit superstitious about this, we want to start it well and make it fruitful in the end. If you already created your New Year’s resolution list, then start with changing. If you haven’t, shame on you! Don’t be lazy and try to copy the one from last year. Grab your pen, laptop or phone and start from scratch. There must be some mountain that you want to concur and make yourself proud.

Those who work as entrepreneurs know how tricky this list can be. There are a lot of things you need to accomplish and also, there are twice as many you want to accomplish. And needing vs. wanting is a hard battle. You’ll always need a few more hours to read, finish a personal project or just contemplate. So, how to work on that and make peace with yourself?

#1 RESOLUTION – For a start, try working more on things you love. It can be hard, as sometimes you need to work just to pay the bills, we all do. But, try to make an effort and find a new opportunity that will give you a chance to shine. In that way, you will be more productive and happier in the end. Remember, money can’t buy happiness and sometimes that is all that you need.

#2 RESOLUTION – To be able to take a new chance, maybe you will need an upgrade. So, learn something new. Take your time and learn a new skill, language or simply try to work in a new field of business. It will help you see the bigger picture and avoid the same patterns.

#3 RESOLUTION – O, yes – patterns. It’s so easy to slip into the routine and run the same race every day. It’s safe and it will work well. But are you really fine with just well? We didn’t think you are. So, change the way you do the work. There are is a very interesting book called “WHEN” by Daniel Pink. It will help you create new and better habits and get rid of the old ones. Maybe you will find a new daily dynamic, who knows.

#4 RESOLUTION – Find your balance. Remember, you are not your work. It is something that you are skilled in, so you can make the money with it. The other part of your life needs you too. To be able to accomplish everything, you need your life balance first. Don’t avoid your private life and hide behind the higher goals.

#5 RESOLUTION – Just be happy with yourself. Grow and learn, so you can go further. Explore and be curious, so you can dream. Don’t bother with everyone’s opinion, just with ones that really matter.

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