Freshly Squeeze

Freshly is a food brand with over 500 products. It’s mostly sauces, canned food, seasonings, snacks, all kinds of peanut butter, and specialties. Brend sells on the Saudi Araby market for years. About 3 years ago, we started to work on the label redesigns in order to refresh them and give them a more modern touch.

The Arabic market has its own vibe. Customers are used to local products, but they are slowly opening to international products. Younger generations, more than elders, are willing to accept new flavors.

Freshly Squeeze line is one of the new products that weren’t on the market before. The task was to create a line of labels with a fresh and modern touch that will catch the attention on the shelf. Yellow is the mandatory brand color along with the arch and Freshly logo. It inspired us to create a fun and young-looking product added to the family.