Post & Row

Post & Raw is the local taphouse, placed at a most distant point in Canada. Celebrating the Mile Zero City and the rich history of the Peace Region, the Post & Row is named after two of the most iconic landmarks of the area; the Mile “0” Post & what is now the Dawson Creek Art Gallery, which was previously situated along Elevator ‘Row’.

Website for a restaurant focusing on local craft beers and quality but simple appetizers, charcuterie boards, and handhelds. Their audience will be millennials and baby boomers alike, looking for real products in a friendly and real environment.

The client wanted to look clean and professional but also not too serious, trying to highlight woods, metals and brick, taxidermy, agriculture, beer and good food with the focus on the local area and landscape.

We created a layout design that has all these qualities and more. It shows the rich history of the area and very pleasant and convenient place, even it is at mile zero.