Kalhatti coffee

Kalhatti is named by the Kalhatti Falls in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka in India. The small coffee plantation is placed in the nearest forest, below the palm trees.

The only request from the client was to create a packaging that has a very modern and trendy look. For that look, we decided to create a unique illustration that shows the place where coffee grows. Green as a dominant color, represents the origin of the coffee.

As of today, there are many small coffee manufacturers on the market. It is very hard to be noticed and find your place in the world. The local markets are easier for placement of the product, as the competition is smaller. But, each coffee manufacturer has a big dream – to concur the World someday.

While we created this packaging and illustration that is the main element of design, we had in mind this big dream. We wanted to create a product that can stand beside any other world’s coffee brand.