GORA coffee

GORA coffee is a new brand from Denmark. But this is not just another coffee brand. Not only they are crafting coffee of the highest quality, but they’re also disrupting the coffee industry by bringing more balance to the traditional value chain.

Currently, close to 99% of all coffee exports are raw, unroasted beans.
Up to 85% value is added after import, not benefitting the coffee-producing countries. In a unique partnership, Ethiopia’s legendary coffee farmers and the country’s most innovative roastery has created a sustainable practice increasing local value before export.

Their coffee is grown, handpicked, roasted, and packaged in Ethiopia. More jobs, more skills, and more income remain in the country of origin. We call this “IMPACT@ORIGIN”.

We really enjoyed working on this project because it’s not often that you have a chance to work on a product that has a strong and good cause background.