Olive oil

Creating an olive label is like creating a piece of art. There is a certain artistic liberty that evolved through time. From the logos of the manufacturer’s companies to the labels and overall packaging and branding. Each year, when we travel through Greece, we have the chance to see what is new on the market that is the source itself. That was the main inspiration for this design proposal.

The design was created as one of 3 the proposals for the Extra Virgin Olive oil packaging. The client was a USA local owned and operated a gourmet shop. They offer over 30 different kinds of olive oils and authentic balsamic vinegar. Also, they source fresh extra virgin olive oils of the exceptional quality and incredible health benefits from the southern and northern hemispheres all year around. This should be their first house label for olive oil.

For this project, the client didn’t have any specific request except to create something modern and premium that will get attention. The idea was to create a sleeve that covers the whole bottle. Green metallic print, with hand-drawn olive illustration on it. The illustration needed to point out the naturality and organic value of the product, so the lines are rough and artistic, but again stylized with lines that are a connection with lines of olive trees on the plant. A minimal and simple design should bring a refreshing new look that will stand out from other products on the market.

On the back, we suggested a seethrough line, so the user can see when it comes to the last 100ml of oil in the bottle. Also, there was a suggestion to create a smaller, sachet packaging, that can be used on the go (for the work meals, picnic or anywhere else that you don’t need to bring the whole bottle).